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Weight Watchers Food Scale Review-Everything to Know



The best thing you can do with your meals and diet is to stay consistent. While you can achieve this using spoons and measuring cups, the precision that the food scale will give you is unrivaled. You can weigh ingredients confidently without second-guessing your skills. At the very top of the weighing-scale list is the weight watchers smartPoints digital food scale. Weight watchers is a great product that you will love for the company's belief that everyone can achieve wellness and their efforts to create products and tools that can practically improve your health.

Weight watchers food scale is without question the best kitchen scale in the market based on efficiency and precision. Let us look at some features that add to the great performance of the kitchen scale.

Weight Watchers Food Scale Features

WW SmartPoints Digital Food Scale - Kitchen Scale Measures with Ounces and Grams...
  • Tracking your SmartPoints just got a whole...
  • Save the SmartPoints values for up to 10 of...
  • Scale includes SmartPoint values for 500...
  • For new items, enter the calories, saturated...
  • Easy to use - weighs in both grams and...

1. Tare Weight

Tare Weight

Taking weight measurements should be easy and intuitive. Food scales improve with time as more technology exists, and weight watchers are right at the top of innovation. Weight watchers food scale has settings for tare weight, which is a problem solver for the mess created on the kitchen counter. You can achieve order by keeping your food in the bowl while taking measurements on the weight watchers scale.

Tare weight is the weight of the food bowl without any ingredients or food in it. Once you add your ingredients, you deduct the tare weight from the gross weight to get the exact weight of the foods in the container.

The tare weight feature makes it a good experience for a cooking lifestyle. Food will always stay in the container and does not have to be transferred directly onto the weighing platform or other items before weighing. Keeping food in the same container saves you time that you would otherwise use while transferring from one container to the next. Cleanliness will not be a problem with the tare function feature in place.

Based on the consistency of the weight watchers product, we can recommend the weight watchers food scale as the most accurate scale in the market for taking the most precise measurements of your foods. The tare function feature enjoys many great reviews from users as the product's main function is to weigh food, which the scale perfectly delivers accurately.

2. Smart Points Settings

Smart Points Settings

Weight watchers food scale has a database with over 500 foods, making nutrition science an enjoyable thing to pursue. Every content you add to the food scale has calories and nutrient values attached to the food. The question is, how do you keep count of the weight of every food you add on to the scale in grams while still keeping track of the number of calories you have added to your recipe? Weight watchers have a solution for you.

Weight Watchers assigns every food a value based on calories, sugar, proteins, and saturated fats. With their database of over 500 different food nutrient values, you can never go wrong in coming up with the most accurate recipe up your sleeve.

Weight Watchers International Inc. has done much research to ensure that your favorite foods are included in the database. The smart points feature is easy to use and read. Every food in the database has been assigned a value based on sugars, fat content, calories, and protein contained in the foods. Ingredients with higher sugar or saturated fat content have higher points, while those with high lean protein content have a low count on the smart points scale.

3. Weight Watchers Phone App

Weight Watchers Phone App

Weight Watchers international Inc. try their best to improve their product and make it as intuitive as possible. The product has a phone app that can help you count, track and get information about the ingredients you wish to incorporate into your recipe. The app solves the problem you would face when researching every ingredient each time you prepare a dish.

The smart point for every food is pre-calculated. Every time you search for items in the weight watchers app, the smart points will show right beside your looking food. The feature makes it easy to decide in real-time whether you want to add the food on your scale or whether it fits in your recipe, which needs to be as healthy as possible.

You can install the Weight Watchers smart points app on your phone from google play and the app store to help you improve your practice.

4. App Tracking

App Tracking

Keeping a healthy diet means being consistent. The app can help you track your activities over a while, showing you how consistent you are and how you can improve over time. To achieve your goals, you have to be mindful of the food content you take in, whether you are maintaining, losing, or trying to gain weight.

Using the app is fast and easy. You can add what you had for breakfast, and on the app, you can tap breakfast on the day screen, and you will get options for what you can have. Options will display, and you can add serving size too. After knowing the food you want to have and the meal size, you can add track, and the app will store that information for reference and tracking.

You can save meals on the app to track them faster next time. If you have saved breakfast, it will show under frequent breakfasts, making it easy to choose and saving you the time you normally use when saving a new meal.

Each day that you track a meal adds you smart points. You can redeem the smart points for a magazine subscription, yoga classes, and a cookery school membership to further improve your skills.

The app allows you to keep daily or weekly smart points. You can know the number of smart points you have left each day and the number of points you have used each of those days. The weekly tracker of the product app will help you become more flexible by giving you information and trends that will make it more natural for you to fit into your schedule without coming up with a new recipe every day. You can see rollovers of every food you have used. Up to four unused dailies can be rolled over.

You can use the app to set a profile to set your goals to gain, maintain, or lose weight. You can also access your settings on the profile. It is okay to switch from an Android to an iPhone, or vice versa, as the app can work on both systems.

5. Zero Point Foods

 Zero Point Foods

You do not have to measure all the foods you purchase. Weight Watchers considers that some recipes form the basis of healthy eating and can be had while still sticking to the plan to achieve any goals that you had set. Some foods are less likely to be overeaten, and Weight Watchers account for the recipes. You can always have something delicious without worrying about losing your points.

Zero-point foods form part of the regular meals you have at home daily. You can choose over 100+ zero-point fruits, veggies, and other foods that will fit into your lifestyle without affecting your goals. The zero-point foods come in three tiers, giving you more options on which zero-point foods you can have.

Note that zero-point foods are not all you can eat, but just foods you get to eat.

6. Build Quality

Build Quality

The food scale is all you can request regarding functionality, ease of use, and accuracy. The food scale has surface buttons that are easy to understand and use. The scale has a zero function for taking new readings. The food scale can switch between ounces and grams for use in the united states, the united kingdom, and other countries.

Weight watchers pay attention to a few things to help you seamlessly operate the scale. Every button on the scale is clearly labeled and easy to press. The food scale has a flat platform which makes it easier to place most food containers which, in most cases, have a flat base. The food scale has a large LCD that displays readings in real-time as you take them and has a backlight, ideal in low-light situations.

The food scale is easy to clean. We recommend that you use a damp cloth to clean the surface. The scale looks elegant and presentable and is ready to feature in your Instagram posts. The food scale can take up to 3kg of weight.

Handling Tips

For the scale to serve you longer, you need to take good care of it. Here are a few handling tips to ensure the scale lasts you as long as it is intended.

a) Cleaning


Use a damp, absorbent piece of cloth to wipe any residue from the surface of the scale after use. Do not use dripping water as it may seep in and damage the electronic parts of the scale. The screen would get damaged if exposed to water. Try not to spill content on the scale every time you use it.

b) Batteries

Weight Limit

The scale uses 4 AAA batteries which come included when you purchase the product. Batteries are unable to last forever and will become weaker over time. Change your batteries to ensure optimum functioning of the food scale.

c) Weight Limit

Weight Limit

The food scale carries a maximum of 3kg/ 6 pounds/ 9.8 ounces. Try not to exceed the weight limit every time you use the scale to ensure normal functioning.

d) Storage


Store the scale in a dry place and do not place anything on top to keep the platform functional.

e) Phone App

Phone App

Update your phone app to ensure accurate readings and smooth functioning of the system. Weight Watchers Inc. will always update you every time there is an improvement or an update.


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