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Types of Weight Scales for Taking Accurate Measurements



Different types of weight scales come in two categories; digital scales and analog scales, also known as mechanical scales. Analog scales are traditional and are very simple.

They are also popular. Analog weight scales are easy to operate and do not require complex mechanisms. These weighing scales come at a relatively lower price despite their simplicity.

Analog scales are not very precise and are mostly preferred by people who do not mind a little error. Most mechanical scales for the kitchen come with a bucket or a bowl that makes it easy to weigh apples and other items.

Digital scales, on the other hand, are more accurate and precise. They use force sensors to measure the load of an object. They are easy to read as they display the readings on an LCD backlit display. Some of the types of weight scales include the following:

1. Kitchen Scales

These types of weight scales are a necessity in any home. You will love to have your ingredients in their right portions when you cook. Kitchen scales are unique as they have a tare feature that enables you to weigh all your ingredients in the same bowl continually.

This weighing scale is important because it gives a more accurate reading of the weight of your ingredients. This type of scale is essential as you can use it to measure different items in the kitchen, including spices, flour, sugar, chicken, meat, you name it.

It also helps to measure the weight of your food if you're trying to keep your weight on track. You can keep your carbs intake in check by knowing the quantity of food you take, but this is only possible if you have a kitchen scale.

Some kitchen scales come with bowls, making the process easier as the bowl is designed to fit on the weighing platform without shadowing the display. Included bowls are normally lightweight and clear, dishwasher safe, and also strong enough to last long.

2. Bathroom Scale

You can have a scale in your bathroom to keep track of your weight. A bathroom scale will come in handy when you need to check your weight quickly and easily.

Bathroom scales are flat and easy to store. Some digital bathroom scales can measure your body composition like the body mass index, body weight, and body fat percentage. However, not all scales have such features, and the simple ones are cheaper than those with these features.

Depending on the type of bathroom scale you choose, you will either get all other measurements or just the weight; however, a digital bathroom scale will always give a more accurate measurement. Bathroom weighing scales are strong to accommodate the weight of your family members.

3. Baby Scales

Measuring the baby's weight can be very hard, and it is also not sanitary to put them on scales used by adults. Therefore you can decide to buy a baby scale for your child to keep a close weight check.

Baby scales are common in the pediatrician's office, though. Baby scales are designed to be precise and able to take accurate measurements of your child's weight.

These weighing scales are curved specially designed to hold your baby well in the most comfortable position. They are small and easy to carry as they are only designed to carry infants.

4. Floor Scales

Floor weighing scales are designed to carry heavy loads. They are specially made to work in industrial environments, and the largest can weigh up to 30,000 pounds.

However, the most common capacities are 1000, 2000, and 5000 lbs. Floor weighing scales are interfaced with digital indicators that display weight and any other information quickly and automatically incorporate that information into the data management system.

Their weighing data is easy to read. The major functions of a floor weighing scale are to sum function, piece counting, and check weighing.

5. Counting Scales

Counting scales are digital and are used for weighing and counting items simultaneously. Major functions include check weighing; this is checking the weight of an object against a preset limit; this helps in quick counting as it reduces manual counting.

These scales come in different sizes that can be used either on the floor or worktop bench. A counting scale can be used in a quality control center, factory, a facility that deals with production, and a retail warehouse.

They weigh and count the number of items in a lot but only works with items that weigh the same. The features that make counting scales easy to use include a full numeric keypad that allows you to put several sample weights, accumulation, especially for bench scales as they have a smaller capacity. Accumulation will allow you to store and box the items as you maintain your count.

6. Lab Balances

A laboratory balance is usually found in a laboratory setting, and precise as accurate measurements are normally required in labs. These types of scales focus on measuring liquids, solids, and tissues; they have various uses in most laboratories, including research, clinical and environmental settings. Examples of lab balances are:

  • Precision balances (or analytical balances).
  • Micro and semi-micro balances.
  • Triple beam balances.

The balances can measure various substances from a grain of chemical solid using the micro-balance to the weight of a big beaker o the triple beam balance. A precision balance, on the other hand, can measure in the sub-milligram range.

A precision balance or analytical balance can also auto-calibrate or be calibrated manually. Micro and semi-micro weighing balances are used when high precision weighing is required as they are very sensitive.

7. Medical Scales

If you have ever visited any doctor's offices, then you have seen a medical scale. These scales are used by doctors, nurses, and nursing professionals to get their patients' weight.

These weighing scales come in different forms based on the medical facility and what it thinks is best for them. A medical scale can weigh different weights, ranging from as little as small body fat calculations to as large as a bedridden patient's weight without even removing them from the bed.

Wheelchair scales have very low platforms to ensure that they can easily access them while on the wheelchair. Most medical weighing scales have a digital display to enable the nurses to read them easily. They are also insulated in most cases to prevent them from damage in case of exposure to moisture.

8. Bench Scales

Bench scales are compact, industrial scales ideal for high demanding environments as they are highly accurate. They are used in places where fast and precise readings are required, but the space is limited.

They are normally used for factory filling, quality control, digital counting applications, parcel shipping, and other similar applications. Bench scales are secured against overloading as they are used for heavy-duty industrial work.

They have useful accessories such as a dongle function to remove the measurement cable and easy cable laying in conjunction with a desktop, transport fixtures for mobile, tripod mounts to ensure the system is organized and legal-for-trade use.

9. Retail Scales

Retail scales are specifically used in grocery stores and similar environments. They are used to weigh meats, vegetables, and fruits. Retail weighing scales can either be analog or digital and are available in different options.

Such options include price computing and even weighing scales that connect to POS systems or cash registers. A grocery store can also have a retail scale for quality control, ensuring that groceries that are weighed and packed in advance are in the right quantities.

10. Platform Scales

Platform scales are weighing scales used to weigh oversized objects or animals. They are designed to perform heavy-duty weighing hence are large enough to accommodate big objects.

These weighing scales are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning, and sometimes the surface is covered with a diamond plate to add grip. For easy movement, some have wheels and are very sturdy.

Their cables are shielded to make platform scales last longer. Their sizes also vary and are designed for check weighing or counting.

Platform scales are paired with the platform base via a scale indicator which enables you to maximize their potential in weighing functions and high capacity and even perform percentage weighing. These scales help you keep track of the data by their compatibility with computers and printers.

Due to their sturdiness, these weighing scales are used in business and manufacturing industries to weigh bulky goods like containers. They can also aid in counting many smaller items like bolts or mechanical parts.

11. Compact Scales

Compact scales are a more general term used to refer to other types of scales like kitchen scales and bathroom scales. Although, it can also refer to a more professional scale that is compact.

Compact scales can be simple and offer only basic weighing, while they can also provide high precision measurements and feature several built-in functions. They are light hence very portable, and are ideal if you need the same weighing scale in different locations.

Compact scales are different from the normal kitchen scales such that they offer higher readabilities, and they have improved weighing features. These scales can be used for counting and check weighing items for small items. Some of them, like the Astro, can function as a kitchen scale and help you measure precise ingredients for baking and cooking.


Scales are useful everywhere, be it the grocery store, the bathroom, industries, and even in your kitchen. Scales help us to measure the weight of items, including the that of fats in our bodies. Types of weight scales vary depending on their function, and when buying any type of scale, it is important always to choose the one with highest quality. They are essential in our day-to-day activities, and we find them to be more useful even in keeping track of our weight and controlling the portions of food we take. Portion controls promote healthy living as you can easily check the number of calories you take in a day.


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