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Light-weight Household Things that Weigh a Gram or Less



There are several household things that weigh a gram. The gram is the basic unit of measuring weight and mass in the metric system and the SI system. It is used to get the weight or mass of small household items that weigh a little, including ground beef, flour, and salt.

If you need to get the exact measurements of an item, you will have to use a scale. However, if you choose to use a kitchen spoon or cup, you will only estimate the weight you wanted.

For items that weigh more, the metric unit, the kilogram, is used. You can use the kilogram to weigh a chicken or even your weight and other common household items like a dictionary but not small things that weigh a gram.

This section will see some things that weigh a gram, although some of their weights can change by increasing or decreasing the quantities.

1. Paper Clip

Paper clips are widely used in offices and sometimes even at home. You may never have thought about it, but now that you are here, let me tell you, they weigh approximately one gram. Did you know that? They are made of either metal or plastic and are used in offices worldwide to hold papers in place.

2. Pen Cap

A pen cap is very light; the weight may be almost negligible. However, when weighed on a metric system shows that the cap of a ballpoint pen or BIC pen is roughly equal to one-thousandth of a kilogram. So if you are one of the people who chew on their pen caps, when you finish chewing it, you will have chewed a whole gram of plastic, lol.

3. US Bill

The US bill is very light and has an approximate weight of one gram. All US bills weigh the same. However, when it comes to coins, that's a whole different story as coins are heavier, and the quarters weigh approximately 5.7 grams each. Despite the small weight, the US currency bill is durable and can withstand 4,000 double folds! Amazing.

4. Quarter Teaspoon of Sugar

A whole teaspoon of sugar weighs 4.2 grams, so technically, a quarter of the same will roughly equal a gram. But this is applicable if it is regular fine grain sugar and is also level on the spoon. However, the weight is highly affected by how firmly or lightly packed the sugar is, so be careful with your measurements.

When the metric system weighs a highly packed quarter teaspoon of sugar, you will find that it is heavier than a one-quarter teaspoon of lightly packed sugar. Therefore, if you are using the spoon to approximate the weight of sugar, you may need to consider how packed the sugar is.

5. A pinch of Salt

A pinch of salt is another household item that weighs approximately one gram. You can approximate the weight of salt for simple recipes if you don't have a scale to take the small measurements. However, you may need a balance scale to have the exact measurement when you are cooking because you don't want your food to have excess salt.

6. Raisin and a Thumbtack

A standard or, in other words, a normal thumbtack weighs one gram. I don't mean the new decorative thumbtacks by a normal thumbtack, but the ones we use every day; the plastic thumbtacks. A single piece of a raisin also weighs approximately one gram. A raisin and a thumbtack are both light items whose weight is only a gram.

7. Stick of Gum

A single stick of gum is one of the things that weigh a gram, but the weight changes drastically after chewing. This is because the greater percentage of the gum is sugar. However, some gum sticks can weigh more than a gram.

Measuring Grams

If you want to measure small common household items, you will need a working scale to get the exact weight. A conversion calculator can also help you when you need to convert your mass to grams. You can measure grams in the following simple steps;

Method One

  • Choose a scale that measures in grams. Because a gram is the metric unit of measurement, ensure that your scale uses the metric system.
  • Weigh an empty container if what you want to weigh cannot be put directly on the scale.
  • Zero out the scale by pressing the tare button
  • Put your item in the container.
  • Wait for the display to show the reading and take the measurement.

Method Two

  • Buy a cup or spoon that measures in grams.
  • Remember to use the one-gram spoon, then fill it with the ingredient.
  • Level off the ingredient by removing the excess with a flat surface like a knife

You should note that spoons and cups are not as precise as scales and should not be used unless a precision is not needed. When you use this method, it is important to keep in mind that you may get different results when you weigh the same item using a scale.


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