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Digital Stainless Steel Polder Kitchen Scale Review



Polder KSC-348 Digital Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale, 22 lb Capacity
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  • 22 pound capacity
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The best digital kitchen scale will give you a seamless meal prep time, help you to step up your baking prowess as you cut down on some kitchen chores. A kitchen food scale will help take the guesswork off recipe measurements, and portion sizes and, just think of the drastic reduction of the number of measuring bowls you’re likely to use and clean as you try out a recipe. One of the best sellers includes the Polder kitchen scale and, in particular, Polder KSC-348 Digital stainless steel kitchen scale with a 22 lb capacity.

Polder has a reliable track record of offering quality everyday products with excellent designs. Established in 1976, Polder has consistently been delivering an eclectic collection of quality houseware through the years. Other than its line of kitchen timers, laundry, and ironing products, Polder also offers a range of kitchen scales that have been tested and certified for a worthy consideration into your kitchen.

Product Overview

Unlike most digital kitchen scales, the Polder KSC-348 digital stainless steel kitchen scale seamlessly converts between metric and imperial accurate measurements. It also has the zero function to help account for the weight of the bowl holding the ingredients or the different ingredients you'd need to weigh at the same time. Plus, it has a slim profile that makes it super easy to store.

Impressive Product Features

Like many Podler scales, the KSC-348 digital kitchen scale has a uniquely angled, easy-to-read display with large numerals making it a must-have in your kitchen. Weighing food and ingredients is an important task that you'll probably have to do on a daily as you prepare meals. This one-inch, extra-large display digital scale has a glass top weighing surface that features an easy-to-use add, weigh tare function for super-accurate measurements.

This means that you no longer need to weigh the items separately and already added ingredients making it an even more ideal scale for a simple and hassle-free home cook.

Featuring a large stainless steel weighing surface, this digital kitchen scale has a covered touch screen for safe and easy cleaning. The backlit display with large numerals makes it easy to read and ideal to use. The Add & Weigh Tare function has an automatic shut-off after three minutes of no activity. The package.

Other specifications and features include:

  • It has a sleek, ultra-thin 0.6375 inches profile and a one-inch angled display. It measures 8.5 inches wide x 21.7 inches long, making it easy for you to store even if you have a small space
  • It has a 22 pounds maximum weight capacity with 0.125-ounce increments
  • This stainless steel digital kitchen scale measures both dry and liquid items

-10 Kgs with 1 gram increments

-352 fluid ounces (fl. oz.) with 0.01 fl. oz. increments

-10 litres with 1 ml increments

  • It has a bright backlit LCD display with large numerals for easy reading
  • The Add & Weigh Tare(Zero) function gives an accurate measuring and allows you to make use of additive weighing
  • The digital display is detachable and can extend forward to give you 5 inches of unobstructed viewing. It has a strong magnet that securely attaches the display back in place, so you won't have to worry about having to use a small-sized bowl to weigh your food in
  • It has a digital load indicator that illuminates on the screen showing how much more capacity is left
  • It has a large surface area that conveniently makes room for the ingredients.
  • It automatically shuts off using its auto shut-off feature after three minutes of no activity to help extend its battery life
  • It runs on and includes 4 AAA batteries in the package
  • It has an affordable regular price
  • It has a low battery indicator
  • It has a large weighing surface area
  • It has a screen cover for easy and safe cleaning
  • It has an easy-to-read digital display with extra-large numerals for people who have trouble reading small texts
  • The weights are displayed in either metric or imperial conversions, which you can switch country to country
  • It has a 1-year limited warranty

Polder digital kitchen scale earns great admiration since it's particularly good because it loads and measures weight that is so light that other scales have trouble sensing. However, the numbers take much longer loading at such low weights.

It has a regular price and is available in stock country-wide. It also comes with and includes 2 CR2032 batteries. Overall, if you need a reliable digital kitchen scale to help you monitor dietary restrictions and measure ingredients, Polder KSC-348 digital stainless steel kitchen scale is a great place to start.

Factors to Consider when choosing the best Polder Kitchen Scale

A. Accuracy

Not all digital kitchen scales can weigh items that vary in size or material with high precision, consistency, and accuracy. The Polder KSC-348 digital stainless steel kitchen scale performs well in all 3 factors.

B. Capacity

Most models have an 11 pounds capacity while others can handle upward of 16 pounds; however the Polder KSC-348 digital kitchen scale tops them at 22 pounds and is better suited for even more specialised needs.

C. Ease of Usage

 The best food scales sold always have reviews of how intuitive and easy the scales are to use. Where you really don't have to fiddle with so many buttons or have to consult the user manual. This Polder model does this and has more than once proved you could not get any better deals.

4. Durability

Kitchen scales should feel stable on the counter and sturdy enough to withstand daily use.

5. Size and Storage

 Assuming that you're not looking to get a scale that should be permanently installed on your countertop, the best kitchen scale should have a small footprint, slim profile that can be easily tucked into the cabinet or drawer.

Frequently Asked Questions on Polder Kitchen Scale

1. How can I calibrate a polder scale?

The scale is sold and comes with an item you can use to calibrate the scale. Put the 'weight' on the scale, press and hold the power function. The display will then show 'Pass' as the scale reboots.

2. How can I zero out the Polder kitchen scale?

Press the Tare button, having placed an empty plate on the scale. The Tare function resets the scale back to zero and automatically deduct the weight of a bowl from the net measurement.

3. What does the term UNST mean on a digital kitchen scale?

UNST means that the scale's internal components are not stable. Search and follow the reset procedure outlined. This should help resolve the issue you are experiencing. Also, remove the batteries from the scale.

4. How to change the Polder scale from Grams to ounces?

Changing the scale from grams to ounces is simple. You can start by double-tapping the machine as it starts, at perfect timing. Even half a second later and it will not switch.


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