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Best Digital Pocket Gram Scales for Weighing Items Anywhere

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The pocket gram scales are ideal for various uses. You can use them on the go, in the jewelry shop, the kitchen. These gram diminutive scales often measure weights of up to 5kg/ 11 pounds.

If you are looking for the best pocket gram scales, ensure they have tare capabilities, which allows you to change the scale to zero to accommodate multiple elements on the same surface or external surfaces. Moreover, look for that one that has an easy-to-read display, which breaks your readings down into simple increments.

When you are shopping for a pocket gram scale, give these four picks for the best pocket gram scales a look, each chosen along with the following criteria, which includes, amount of weighing modes, ease to use, functionality, size, ease of calibration, additional features, and the cost.

 1. Weigh Gram Scale Digital Gram Pocket Scale

Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale,100g by 0.01g,Digital Grams Scale, Food...
  • This Pocket Scale allows you to weigh a...
  • The Pocket Scale designed with a stainless...
  • Pocket Scale have easy touch buttons, large...
  • Pocket Scale Featuring 4 different weight...
  • Pocket Scale You Use the Weigh Gram Pocket...

This pocket gram scale comes with a maximum weight capacity of 100 grams. It is the ideal pocket gram scale for weighing food, gold jewelry, and other larger items than powders and pills. However, you can still weigh pills and powder thanks to being packed with highly accurate sensors always read in increments of 0.01g. Moreover, weigh gram scale comes with a backlit LCD screen that is very easy to read, plus a flip lid that helps protect the scale against damage to the weighing surface as it lies in a pocket.

The gram scale can easily swap weight units with only the press of a button. However, it does not come packed in with important accessories like weighing trays, calibration weights. It comes with useful batteries needed to power the scale. Besides, it also has a one-minute auto-off feature to preserve its battery life.

  • Pros
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Has a flip-lid that prevents damage while in the pocket.
  • Has a 100-gram maximum weight capacity.
  • Weighs in increments of 0.01gram.
  • Cons
  • Doesn’t include any useful accessories.


2. GEMINI-20 Portable Precision Pocket Gram Scales

GEMINI-20 Portable Precision Digital Milligram Scale 20g x 0.001g (Silver),...
  • PORTABLE SCALE: This digital food scale...
  • DURABLE & COMPACT: This mini food scale is...
  • LCD SCREEN: The digital scale's backlit LCD...
  • BUILT-IN COVER: Keep your electronic...
  • STAINLESS STEEL: Our digital pocket scale has...

If you are looking for a pocket gram scale that will measure as little as milligrams, make this model your top choice. The American weigh pocket gram scale is very easy to use and claims a large 1.3 inches weighing platform, with a protective flip lid, a strong stainless steel platform, and the capability of easily swapping between six various weight units, which includes grams.

The scale has a blue backlit LCD screen display, which is easy to read, accurate, and tells you how much something weighs in increments of 0.001g. The display also makes numbers visible even in dim lighting. Furthermore, you can confidently use this scale in weighing jewelry, food, or weighing small amounts of medication.

The package includes a small tray to place granular items and a pair of tweezers. It also features AAA batteries. Although every included accessory is highly helpful, we couldn’t help but wish it included some small science-grade measuring spoons for loading bulk supplements and powders.

  • Pros
  • Has a flip-lid that prevents damage while in the pocket.
  • You can swap to six different weight units.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Cons
  • Doesn’t offer accurate measurement below 10-15 mg.

3. AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale Upgraded Gram Scale

(Upgraded) AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale, 500g Mini Pocket Jewelry Scale, Cooking...
  • High-Precision & Wide Range: AMIR kitchen...
  • Superior Quality Materials: The Smart Digital...
  • Smart Button Functions: The "PCS" function...
  • Stylish Design & Space Saver: Minimalistic...
  • Multi-Functions: Built with a clear blue...

This gram scale is perfect for weighing food and items with a maximum weight capacity of 500grams. It also weighs granular items with a minimum capacity of 0.05g. it comes with highly accurate sensors that read in 0.01g increments. Furthermore, it also allows counting individual units plus weight, making it ideal for those looking to counts multiple small ingredients, beads, and other miscellaneous items.

Amir digital scale is shipped packed with two large weighing trays that are ideal for placing down foodstuffs. It has an overload, low battery, and overcharge alert. However, the pocket scale doesn’t come packed with calibration weights, so you will have to buy it during setup. Furthermore, the digital pocket scale doesn’t have a flip lid or any other protective measures to protect it while not in use, plus the scale’s length makes it hard to fit in some pockets.

  • Pros
  • Comes with two handy trays to place items.
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 500 gram.
  • Includes counting individual units function.
  • Has an overload, low battery, and overcharge alert.
  • Cons
  • Has no flip lid for protection.
  • The length of the scale makes it hard to fit in some pockets.

4. Homgeek Milligram Digital Pocket Scale

Homgeek Digital Milligram Pocket Scale Mini Jewelry Gold Powder Weigh Scales...
  • PRECISION SCALE - Accurate & professional...
  • CHANGEABLE UNITS - Large 5-digital blue LCD...
  • MULTIFUNCTIONS - Mini digital scale with high...
  • INGENUITY - The count (PCS button) function...
  • POCKET SCALE - With wind-shelter to prevent...

If you are looking for a pocket scale, you can weigh small granules like pills and loose supplements; count on the Homgeek Digital pocket scale. This pocket scale comes with highly sensitive sensors that precisely weigh in increments of 0.001g. The scale has a compact design, barely larger than a credit card, making it easy to fit in a pocket. Moreover, it comes with a useful lid that helps protect it from damage.

Homgeek pocket scale weighs 2.4 ounces and claims a maximum weight capacity of 50 grams, with the capability of swapping to six different weight units with only the press of a button. It also features useful accessories like a 50g calibration weight, a weighing pan, and a set of tweezers, making it easy to set up and use.

Although the lid is great for keeping the pocket scale protected while in a pocket, the product is made from aluminum and plastic; therefore, be careful while handling it; additionally, the backlight is not very bright, making it hard to use darker locations.

  • Pros
  • Has a compact design.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty guarantee.
  • Comes with useful accessories.
  • You can swap to six different weight units.
  • Cons
  • The backlight isn’t very bright.
  • Not ideal for food items.

Frequently Asked Question on the Pocket Gram Scales

1. How can I reset my pocket gram scale?

If your pocket scale is reading weights inaccurately, all you need to do is reset the scale. Normally, you can do this by removing the batteries, reinserting them then going through the initial setup procedure, which involves placing down a calibration weight.

2. What weight units do pocket gram scales weigh apart from grams?

Most pocket scales provide various weight units to switch between, the most common being grams, carat, ounces, grain, and pennyweight. Some of these scales also use a weight unit referred to as a troy ounce.

3. Should I get a pocket gram scale or a pocket ounce scale?

You will want to get a pocket gram scale if you measure lightweight items like food, weed, etc., 28 grams make up an ounce, and most food measurements are in decimal points or single-digit sizes in terms of grams. Therefore, while you would theoretically also use a pocket-ounce scale for food, you would have to deal with many decimal points. Furthermore, most people talk about food in terms of grams and purchase and sell based on gram measurements, so a pocket gram scale for your food will make things much simple for you.

4. Are there common household objects I can use as a calibration weight?

Although many household objects differ in weight and size, the common U.S nickel always weighs precisely five grams, making it a decent option for use as a calibration weight. If your pocket gram scale needs 50 grams to calibrate, for example, you can use ten nickels. However, actual calibration weights are usually the best choice.


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