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How to Use a Food Scale for Weight Loss Goals at Home



How to use a food scale for weight loss is an intriguing question, especially if you are looking forward to minimizing calories in your meals. A food scale is a necessary-have tool for anyone serious about losing weight. It is almost impossible to see serving sizes when preparing meals, and most people overestimate portion sizes. Although it may not be as flashy as new workout gear or activity tracker, the food scale is a tried and true weight-loss tool that will help you reach your goals.

Food scales offer you the precision weight of whatever is on your plate, so you can easily calculate proteins, calories, and or carbs. It also teaches you what an actual serving of food looks like. Besides, keeping your calorie-dense foods in check will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

How to Choose the Best Food Scales for Weight Loss

Food scales range from old-fashioned metal scales to a small plastic cup on a small plastic base, programmable digital scales which can give you the full nutritional information for every serving size. Conversely, the best food scale should ;

  • Be budget-friendly
  • Have a large bowl enough to hold the food need to weigh
  • Have numbers you can easily read
  • Be easy to clean and store

According to Weinandy, a registered dietitian, people go out and buy one, and then it ends up in the cupboard. We usually recommend one of the cheaper types. Since it is not like you measure your food for some experiment, you can upgrade to a more expensive model if you want accurate measurements with the food scale.

Tips for Using the Food Scales for Weight Loss Perfectly

Using the Food Scales for Weight Loss Perfectly

1. Weigh the food before you cook it

A registered dietitian advises weighing the food before cooking. The information on the food labels pertains to its raw, uncooked form. After the cooking process, vegetables, grains, and meats tend to lose some of their weight; however, they will still have the same amount of calories and fat. To prevent the unintended consumption of extra calories and fat, make sure you weigh the food in its raw form.

2. Use a digital food scale.

There are two major types of food scales; digital and analog. Digital models use an electrical load sensor to weigh weight and have a liquid crystal screen. Analog models work with a spring and a needle scale that moves as you add loads to it. These food scales can become less precise over time as the spring wear out. If you are weighing for accuracy, a digital model is the best option.

3. Zero it out before you start

If you are using an old-school scale, it is necessary to set it to zero before you start weighing your food. However, most digital scales will automatically reset to zero.

4. Select a scale with enough capacity

When looking at a food scale, it is best to select one that has a capacity of five or more pounds instead of one with a capacity of one to two pounds

5. Please keep it clean

Always clean off the weighing plate to avoid building up any residue that could contribute to bacteria or incorrect weight from older food.

The Main Benefits of Using a Food Scale for Weight Loss

1. Gives you accurate measurements of the food you are consuming

Portion control is an important aspect of a healthy diet, and a food scale can help with that. Using a food scale removes the guess of the amount of food you consume. Weigh your broccoli, then your cheese, then your chicken breast to determine whether these meals weigh in at the recommended healthy amount or weigh your whole meal together.

A food scale gives you more accurate calorie counts and serving size information than the nutrition label displayed on your bag of fruit snacks. For your information, the serving size information on the label is shown with an estimated weight. For instance, a bag of fruit snacks might say there are 100 calories in 32 grams. However, when you place those fruits on the scale, it turns out that they are weighing 38 grams instead, which is much different if you are trying to count calories accurately.

Placing your sweet treats and snacks on a food scale is the simplest way to determine if you are eating the correct portion size for every meal. While you learn how little or how much you are eating, you can adjust your macronutrients and calorie intake to better support your health goals.

2. Helps you learn how to estimate portion sizes

If you are beginning a weight-loss journey, food scale measuring spoons and measuring cups familiarize you with what portions of different foods look like. We regularly think we are eating much less than we are, specifically when it comes to calorie-dense food such as nut butter, cooking oils, and nuts. Besides, the food scale is our “eye-opener.” The more you weigh your food over time, the better you will estimate portion sizes to avoid mistakes.

3. Encourages mindfulness when eating away from home 

After great experience using the food scales for a while, you get an idea of what healthy portion sizes look like and estimate how many calories certain foods have. Furthermore, you are training your brain to eat healthier when you are not at home using your food scale. Chances are you will make a much better choice when out in a hotel based on the knowledge you have concerning portion sizes and will make much conscious of your choices on the menu. For instance, you might consider ordering a fish, which is the size of a deck of cards, instead of a large pasta bowl.

4. Encourages healthier eating and weight loss 

A food scale can help you lose weight. Weighing your foods before cooking is a healthy habit because it holds you liable for how much and what you are putting in your body. If you are looking to lose weight, using food scales helps you keep up with your diet and healthy routines. You may find yourself eating vegetables more regularly because their accurate serving sizes are easier to determine than a clump of potato chips.


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