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Best Gram Scale App – Free Digital Scale Apps Review

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Sometimes, you'll want to measure the weight of an object so small that it might not be sensible to buy an actual scale. In such scenarios, rather than depending on your eyesight to estimate the values, you can download the best gram scale app.

While these apps might seem like a prank, some of them can provide approximate readings that are quite close to reality. They use the sensors inside your phone's screen to determine how much an object weighs in grams.

Unfortunately, they are not ideal for heavy objects. This article discusses the best digital scale apps that you can freely download to measure the weight of items at no cost.

The 12 Best Gram Scale Apps

1. Kitchen Scale

The Kitchen Scale app is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a reliable digital scale app for weighing various foodstuffs. If you are planning to bake or prepare meals that need exact ingredients in exact quantities, the Kitchen Scale app is what you need.

You can use this app to measure anything from flour to salt, rice, pepper, and powdered sugar. It works with anything dry, including small amounts of gold and silver. Unless your phone is water-resistant, you shouldn't use this digital scale app to quantify wet or moist items.

To determine the weight of an object, fill the white circle on your screen with the item and check the weight.

2. Working Scale Free

The Working Scale app is a digital scale app that uses sensors to determine how much a small object weighs. It is designed for android devices and can weigh as little as 5 grams, and provide results ranging between 10-100 grams.

For the highest accuracy, you should place the Android device flat on the sofa, carpet, or relatively soft surface. You could also place the smartphone on an inflated plastic bag for ideal results. Once you hit the start button, you can place the item on your device for calibration in grams and other values.

3. Grams Digital Scales App with Weight Converter

This is another digital scales app that uses your Android phone's tilt sensors to calculate the weight of various small objects. You'll need to place your android device on a curved surface if you want high accuracy in the results. However, you should not tilt your phone when the object you are weighing is still on it.

Find a curved soft platform and place the item on the phone for measurement. Since your phone's screen is delicate, you shouldn't weigh larger objects directly on it. As such, you should add a screen protector to your phone to prevent damage.

The 3 grams digital scales app is also a weight converter and can convert your readings into multiple units. As such, you won't have to rack your brain trying to change the measurements into the unit you are more familiar with. It is undoubtedly one of the best digital scale apps for android devices at no price. You could get a little more out of the pro version but you'll have to pay to access it.

4. Right Weigh Load Scale App

One of the best digital scale apps a truck driver can use to assess the weight of workplace objects is the Right Weigh Load Scale App. Unfortunately, this free digital scale is designed for Android devices which means that it's not available for IOS users.

This free version app can also handle common household objects thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity feature which allows you to pair it with various digital scales. Nevertheless, its primary use is tracking the weight of the axles and the trailer. Unfortunately, you can only use this app to approximate weight rather than getting an accurate digit.

You can log the data directly into the app, which you can use or send as a file. If you want something to show off to your friends, this app will do that.

5. Digital Scale Free Weight Estimator Simulator

Next, we have the digital scale free weight estimator simulator, which is another example of one of the best Android apps for weighing small things. It's available for download at Google Play Store, but you shouldn't use it to determine the actual weight of objects.

You'll quickly discover that the weight corresponds to a specific estimation rather than real values, which means that if you want your objects calibrated properly, you should probably use an actual scale. Nevertheless, it's still one of the best scale apps for Android users.

6. Precision Digital Scale App

The Precision Digital weighing scale is another option for those who want weight measurement as one of the numerous features their phones can offer. You can measure the weight of common items on this free digital scale whenever you have something that requires calibration.

Like the other units in this Android application can weigh the mass of an object using the phone's built-in sensors located under the screens. Another mind-blowing method is using phone camera to determine the weight readings of an item.

7. Truck Scale Calculator

Here's another digital scale app that truck drivers can benefit from. The Truck Scale Calculator only works with IOS devices which makes it unsuitable for an Android user. It's a great option for those who want to assess the weight of the truck's axles.

It can estimate the weight of three to four axles depending on the information you provide. You can access the weight stored in the app and only need to tap the middle reset button on the grid pad to reset the weight to zero.

8. Digital Scale Simulator

The Digital Scale Simulator is a creation of Carrie apps and is perfectly designed to estimate the weight of any object. It can be a neat way to impress your friends since the Digital Scale Simulator is an easy-to-use application that Android users can operate to simulate the weight of small objects.

You can use it to document the measurements of important items for easy retrieval and provides the readings in grams to the exact decimal places. This can be beneficial if you don't want to invest in an actual scale to determine the mass of an item.

9. Weight Scale Estimator Free

Holding ninth place in our list of the best digital scale apps is the Scale Estimator which you can get for free at Google Play Store. You'll need to use a plastic bag to get better accuracy in your results. This application is user-friendly and comes at no charge.

Why use weigh scales when you could rely on your phone to calculate such readings for you? Try out this digital scale app today and enjoy the perks of determining weight from your phone.

10. Digital Bluetooth Scale

Designed to approximate up to 5000 grams of weight, the Digital Bluetooth scale is another great option not only for Android and IOS users but also for Windows phones. It features Bluetooth technology and determines weight using strain gauge sensors.

This digital scale app can pair with other devices and can convert the measurements into different units. Since it works well with multiple devices, it is one of the most suitable apps to try out for your various weighing needs.

11. Monitor Your Weight

If you are looking for a digital scale app to help you maintain a healthy diet or workout plan, the Monitor your Weight app is the right option. All you need to do to use this weighing scale app is fill in your weight and start tracking your progress.

The app allows you to create multiple user accounts where you can enter your stats to keep an eye on your weight. You could even integrate it with your digital scale for better accuracy in the results. This app supports numerous languages and is among the most versatile options.

12. Kitchen Scale By Emiway Infotech

Last but certainly not least is the Kitchen Scale by Emiway Infotech. If you are a cooking enthusiast, this app can be a great tool to have around. You can use it to measure the weight of various ingredients for your recipes.

As long as you only measure dry items, you won't have any issues using this app on your phone. You'll be able to measure different fruits and vegetables without hassle and the readings are in grams making them easy to understand.


The idea of measuring the weight of objects using your phone might seem impractical, but various applications have been designed to do just that. These applications use the sensors in your phone to estimate the amount of weight you are assessing.

However, you can only be so accurate when using your phone rather than a literal weigh scale. So, if you want the most precise information, you should go for a scale, but, if all you need is an approximate value, these apps are an excellent choice. 


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