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Full Renpho Body Fat Scale Review – All You Need to Know



Anyone looking to invest in a high-quality body fat scale should consider the Renpho Body Fat Scale. With a scale interval of 0.05kg, you can rest assured it's one of the most accurate models you can buy. Plus, this smart scale can do so much more than only measuring your body fat percentage.

This post is a detailed Renpho Scale review exploring the features and benefits of this product in relation to your overall health.

1. Overview of the Renpho Body Fat Scale

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The Renpho body fat scale is among the most versatile smart scales on the market. It comes with a smart app that is user-friendly and has an easy setup. This makes it an easy-to-use model which you can use without any expertise or advanced knowledge. You can use it with your current health app since it is compatible with Apple Health, Samsung Health, FitBit, and Google Fit.

It is designed to measure body composition in terms of BMI, body fat, bone mass, body weight, lean mass, bone density, and other metrics. Even without your device, when you stand on the scale, it provides accurate data which you can use to set fitness goals thanks to the high precision sensors on the surface.

This Renpho scale has a maximum weight capacity of 180 kgs. This means that it has a sturdy build that can hold your weight without breaking. The sleek design makes this tool portable, and it can accommodate multiple users. This means that your whole family can join in the journey towards physical fitness.

Since it can keep a record of all your data, you can keep track of your weight and body fat percentage. This can motivate you towards achieving weight loss or muscle gain goals. It stores your information every day so that you can use this scale to keep an eye on your weekly or monthly progress.

2. How it Works

The Renpho Body Fat Scale features four high-precision sensors that sit on top of the scale. They look like four silver circles on the surface of this instrument. The sensors are designed to send electrical currents through your body the moment your feet are on the scale. The idea of electricity running through your body might sound dangerous, but the current is minimal to ensure you won't even feel anything.

Muscle conducts the electrical current through the body while body fat resists it. The current is used to c0nduct a test called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis which is how smart scales can determine body fat percentage. This body fat scale will measure the amount of resistance in relation to your weight, age, gender, and other factors to estimate your body fat percentage.

3. What it Does

The Renpho Body Fat scale measures several body composition categories. Let's look at them in detail.

i. Body Fat Percentage

This smart scale can determine the amount of body fat in relation to your weight. This can help modify your workouts and diet to meet your goals. As such, you can use this bathroom scale to track data on weight gain or weight loss.

ii. Bodyweight

Learning your body weight measurement can help you determine how to achieve your weight loss goals. If you can maintain a healthy weight range, you can reduce the chances of developing diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. This scale will give you an accurate assessment of your overall weight.

iii. Muscle Mass

Muscle mass refers to the weight of your muscles which consists of smooth muscles, water percentage, and skeletal muscles. This information can be used to determine whether you need to intensify or reduce your workout routine.

iv. Fat-Free Body Weight

Also known as lean body mass, fat-free body weight includes measuring your muscle, water, bones, and organs without the fat.

v. Body Mass Index

BMI is the standard for determining whether a person is overweight, underweight, or in an optimal weight range using your height and body weight.

vi. Basal Metabolism

The number of calories necessary for your body to function correctly can be derived from your basal metabolic rate. People with high metabolic rates burn more calories than those with low rates. This could tell you how many calories you need to put in to lose or gain weight.

vii. Visceral Fat

Other than the fat under your skin, the other fat in your body covers your vital organs for protection. This fat is also known as visceral fat, and it can be dangerous to your health if it occurs in high amounts. Your visceral fat measurement can tell you whether you have increased chances of developing blood pressure issues or heart disease.

viii. Subcutaneous Fat

This refers to the fat stored under the skin, which functions as a cushion and insulator. Unfortunately, it's not healthy to have extreme amounts of this fat under your skin since it could indicate excessive weight gain.

ix. Protein

This scale can measure the amount of protein in your body by comparing your muscle mass to protein mass. It's important to fitness enthusiasts and those.

x. Water Percentage

You can find your body water percentage with this smart scale. As a result, you will understand the amount of water your body needs for proper function. This can be beneficial to athletic people who need to have a higher water percentage than non-athletes.

xi. Bone Mass

Since bones conduct electrical currents at a different rate, the Renpho smart scale can find the mass of your bones.

xii. Skeletal Muscle

Skeletal muscle is the muscle that joins the bones. It comprises blood vessels, muscles, and nerves. A healthy skeletal muscle is crucial to effective movement and flex during exercises.

xiii. Body Age

One of the ways you can manage your metabolism is by determining your metabolic age. By comparing this measurement with your actual body age, you can find out if you should try to increase your metabolism or not.

4. Accurate Measurements

Bathroom scales are not the definitive standard of finding your body fat and other body composition metrics. However, you can use them to track progress from your workout routines and lifestyle. The Renpho scale is one of the most accurate and affordable body fat scales on the market.

Instead of relying on a smart scale to provide an exact measure of your body fat, you should consider using it to assess the effectiveness of your efforts to lose weight. This tool will deliver accurate data that you can use to develop a healthy lifestyle.

5. Multiple Users

If your device can only hold one person's information, it won't be easy to get your loved ones to benefit from the smart scale. This could deprive you of the encouragement and motivation you can get from setting collective weight goals with your family.

Most models can only accommodate up to eight users, which is decent enough for a household. Fortunately, the Renpho scale will exceed your expectations since it can hold the information of an unlimited number of users.

This means that you can get people to participate in your fitness journey wherever you go with this tool. As such, you can find a community of fitness enthusiasts to go every step of the way with you.

6. Health App Integration

Most people have smartphones that contain various health and fitness apps. If your device has health apps like Samsung Health, Apple Health app, FitBit app, or the apple watch app, you can synchronize your account to the Renpho app.

This will save you from the hassle of providing your personal information as you configure your scale to the accompanying app. As a result, you will reap a lot from this scale as you use it alongside other fitness apps.

So, if you have an apple watch or a current health app, you can smoothly integrate the renpho app into your existing program. The Renpho app can save historical data and provide

7. Wireless Connection

The Renpho Bluetooth body fat scale connects to your device using Bluetooth technology. This means that your phone will need wireless capabilities if you want to benefit from the Renpho app. This is crucial since not all your body composition readings will be displayed on the scale's screen.

Bluetooth connectivity is a feature only found in the best smart scales. As such, the Renpho Bluetooth scale is among the most suitable options on the market.

8. What to Like and Not to

What You'll Like

  • It offers great value for money since it has the features of more pricey body fat scales at an affordable cost.
  • You'll get accurate measurements that are pretty consistent, which means you can use this scale to track your progress.
  • It can accurately tell your body fat percentage.
  • This scale is free from calibration issues like clinical-grade models
  • Can integrate multiple health apps including Apple Health, FitBit app,
  • Provides 13 different body composition metrics
  • Portable design

What's Not to Like

  • While it can hold the personal data of multiple users, that information can only be accessed on one device.
  • Not all body composition measurements can be displayed on the LCD screen. The other measurements are only accessible through the Renpho app.


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