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Cuisinart Food Scale for Precise Measurements of Ingredients



Cuisinart food scale comes in handy just when you need it. Have you ever cooked a very nutritious and delicious meal for your friends only to realize that one ingredient is in excess? Imagine adding 2 grams of salt in your sauce instead of one gram or using 500 grams of sugar instead of 350 g for baking the base of a three-tiered cake for your daughter's birthday. You don't want to think about it.

Your friends will think you are a terrible cook, and your daughter's birthday cake will crumble before she even blows the candles. You would definitely not want to ruin your child's birthday because of inaccurate ingredient measurements.

To reduces the chances of such a thing ever happening, you will need a good kitchen scale to give you precise measurements of the ingredients for your cake and other food items. Not only will you need a good scale, but you will need Cuisinart KML-KO3B Precision Chef Bowl Electronic Kitchen Scale.

Cuisinart KML-KO3B Precision Chef Bowl Electronic Kitchen Scale
  • Tempered glass platform with removable...
  • Stainless steel bowl features gradient marks...
  • Large LCD readout offer accurate readings in...
  • Add on Weight feature allows you to weigh...
  • Product Built to North American Electrical...

This digital kitchen scale gives the most accurate measurements when it comes to reading weights. Cuisinart electronic kitchen scale will become your new friend and helper in the kitchen once you give it a try. Still not sure if this is the food scale that you want? Keep reading to see why you need a Cuisinart digital kitchen scale.

Features of Cuisinart Electronic Kitchen Scale

All digital kitchen scales have special features that make them function efficiently, and the Cuisinart scale is no exception. Chefs are using it to deliver the most accurate measurements for all their recipes.

You can conveniently weigh multiple ingredients for a reliable outcome using this precision chef bowl electric kitchen scale. It is designed to meet all your household measuring needs, and each smart design is a combination of modern versatility to easy cleaning. The features of this precision scale include;

a). TouchPad Control

Cuisinart digital kitchen scale has a touchpad control that makes your work easier when using the scale. The touchpad control makes using this scale easier because its nature makes it very sensitive hence you can control it by touching, and it will sense immediately and respond as needed.

One huge disadvantage of having a digital kitchen scale with a touchpad is that if not taken care of seriously, then it can easily become faulty and eventually become useless. This may happen mainly because a touch panel is not robust.

b). Removable Stainless Steel Measuring Bowl

The fact that this digital kitchen scale has a removable measuring bowl makes it outstanding. This removable stainless steel measuring bowl simplifies the weighing process for you because you will not need another bowl to put your ingredients in when measuring.

Instead, you will add your ingredients to the bowl and get your readings, then start cooking. It is even more hygienic to use the bowl than always to use the tempered glass platform. The bowl is also calibrated. The calibration helps give you a more accurate reading as you can compare the readings to get more precise measurements.

The stainless steel bowl acts as a protective cover for the countertop display. By doing so, protects the countertop and keeps it safe from damage. It is also a dishwasher-safe bowl, which in turn makes cleaning it easy.

Because it is dishwasher safe, maintaining its hygiene is easier, and so you will enjoy tasty, healthy meals. This stainless steel bowl has a spout which makes transferring of ingredients very easy and mess-free.

c). Add-on-Weight Feature

The add-on-weight feature or the tare feature makes it easier for you to measure all your ingredients in the same bowl simultaneously and still get the individual weights of the different ingredients. You can measure the different weights by resetting the scale to zero after getting the measurement of the first ingredient, then you add the next ingredient and repeat the process until all your ingredients are weighed.

d). Weight Capacity of 11 lbs/ 5kg

The carrying capacity of the Cuisinart food scale is 11 lbs, which is enough to measure ingredients for your favorite recipes. The weight capacity is neither too big nor too small but just the perfect size for your ingredients!

If you are looking for a moderately sized digital kitchen scale, then you got it. Cuisinart is the scale that will solve your kitchen measurement requirements.

However, the weight capacity is limited, and you cannot use the scale to weigh heavy ingredients or food items. Therefore this digital kitchen scale is not suitable for commercial use where food is produced in large quantities.

e). Large Illuminated LCD Read-out

The illumination makes it easier to read the scale as it makes the digits more visible and hence readable. This feature also helps in battery life preservation because it reduces the level of power consumed. The read-out also offers accurate readings in two modes:

  • metric mode
  • imperial mode

f). AA Batteries Included

Cuisinart food scale is sold with AA batteries. This makes it ready for use immediately it arrives at your doorstep. The batteries are durable and can serve you for a long time before you have to change them. The batteries are sensitive and can pick up extra readings; however, when "Lo" appears on the display screen, you will need to change the batteries and insert new ones.

g). Automatic Switch Off

This digital kitchen scale features an automatic switch off when it is not used for about a minute. Automatic switch-off helps to conserve battery power. Automatic switch-off is a necessary feature as it helps lengthen the battery life.

However, it may go off when you're in the middle of weighing your ingredients. When this happens, you will be forced to switch it back on start again. It may, in turn, waste your precious time as it does not have a setting to increase the duration or dismiss it.

Pros of Having a Cuisinart KML-KO3B Precision Chef Bowl Electronic Kitchen Scale

The Cuisinart food scale is a nice tool that at least every kitchen should have. Some of the advantages of owning one include;

  • Easy to read LCD read-out
  • Removable stainless steel bowl with calibrations and spout
  • Tare feature for weighing multiple ingredients at once
  • Auto-turn off feature
  • Easy to clean touchpad control
  • It measures in two modes-imperial modes and matrix mode
  • Highly accurate
  • Stainless steel bowl acts as a protective cover when inverted

Disadvantages of Using a Cuisinart Precision Bowl Kitchen Scale

Just like any other tool, this digital kitchen scale has downfalls. The cons include;

  • The auto-turn off duration is short
  • The Cuisinart kitchen scale is not very durable

More on the Item

This digital kitchen scale is a product of Cuisinart, Canada. It is light in weight as it only weighs 2.85 pounds, making it portable. Its length, width, and height dimensions are 7.38 by 9.25 by 2.5 inches, respectively. It is an essential product in your household as it is a versatile tool. You can use it to check the weight of your food before you eat to keep your weight in check; you can also weigh your uncooked food items and any ingredients that you plan to use.


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