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Best Pallet Weighing Scales for Heavy-Duty Products

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Pallet weighing scales are a type of versatile weighing scales manufactured to serve a wide variety of industrial, agriculture, veterinary, and retail industries. They offer solutions to save your business money and time. These weighing units are often referred to as pallet jack, forklift scale, or pump truck, and they are an ideal method of checking containers, weighing boxes, palleted goods, and other large objects. They can be used as platform scales, U-shaped frames, drive-throughs, or pallet beams and are quite resistant to damage. They streamline the processing and distribution procedures increasing control over stock and minimizing risk in high-pressure environments.

Drive throughs and platform scales are heavy-duty and high-capacity weighing scales and are often loaded using a forklift, and due to their size, they are stored in a fixed location in a warehouse or factory. On the other hand, U-shaped frames and weigh beam scales offer flexibility as they have a handle and wheels for easy movement and portability.

Want to learn even more about pallet weighing scales? Check out this pallet scale guide that recaps the pros and cons of each pallet floor scale and what features you should consider before making your purchase.

1. SellEton Non-NTEP Floor Scale

SellEton Non-NTEP Floor Scales, Accurate Pallet Scales with Smart Digital...
  • ✔ 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐕𝐘-𝐃𝐔𝐓𝐘...
  • ✔ 𝐀𝐂𝐂𝐔𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐄 &...
  • ✔ 𝐄𝐀𝐒𝐘 𝐓𝐎 𝐔𝐒𝐄: A...
  • ✔ 𝐅𝐔𝐍𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍𝐀𝐋:...
  • ✔ 𝐂𝐔𝐒𝐓𝐎𝐌𝐄𝐑𝐒...

SellEton Non-NTEP Floor Scale is an example of the pallet scales suitable for heavy-duty industrial use or shipping. They can handle up to 30,000-pound loads with a 5 lb. accuracy. The pallet weighing scales are made of stainless steel material and are equipped with four high-quality alloy cells intended to guarantee the control unit is accurate in the full range of its capacity. The four beam cells ensure that the stainless steel scale is durable and protected against immersion, water, or dust.

The SellEton pallet scales come with a high-quality weight indicator stand that includes an easy-to-read LCD and an eyebolt hole design that makes lifting easier. The industrial scales feature inexpensive software that allows you to process, print, save and distribute the weighing data on your device, saving you some labor costs. To sum up, these stainless steel scales have a low power design meaning a longer battery life and a low battery indicator to alert when the pallet scale needs charging.

  • Pros
  • Stainless steel wall mount bracket.
  • Easy to use.
  • High-quality weight indicator.
  • Splash-proof display and keyboard.
  • Low battery indicator and long battery life.
  • Automatic power-off function.
  • Hold function that locks the weight.
  • Cons
  • The scale is not recommended if you are accepting or receiving money based on weight.

2. Prime Scales 10000x1lb Floor Scale

Prime Scales floor scale is a heavy-duty industrial design with a structural steel channel frame and four adjustable swivel steel feet that guarantee durability. On top of durability, once this platform pallet scale has been calibrated, it provides accurate measurements with minimal chance for error. The top load design pallet scales come with an SFL-100 indicator with 13 weighing units, a 15-inch load cell cable, and an ABS NEMA 4X junction box with an excitation trim board.

Also, the Scales 10000x1lb has been calibrated by USA-certified technicians and packs a one-year warranty. One downside of the pallet floor scale is where the connector plugs into the pallet scales, and the head sticks out with no protection that can cause an accident.

  • Pros
  • Threaded eyebolt hole to easily lift.
  • Diamond deck tread plate.
  • Value for the price.
  • Accurate measurements.
  • Works well for most sizes.
  • SFL indicator.
  • Cons
  • Poor customer service.
  • Lacks proper calibration instructions.

3. PEC-FS Series Professional Grade Steel Floor Scale

PEC-FS Series Professional Grade Steel Floor Scale | Heavy-Duty Pallet Scale for...
  • PEC-FS series professional grade floor scale...
  • Rugged diamond deck tread plate and four...
  • It comes with PEC-IN202 Indicator with serial...
  • Tare function covers the full range of the...
  • Package configured and calibrated with...

PEC-FS Series floor scale is an example of the professional-grade pallet scales ideal for shipping, logistics, or industrial use because of their structural steel channel frame. These pallet scales feature an NTEP approved weight indicator and a load cell cable, and four allow durable steel cells, protecting the unit against immersion, dust, or splash water.

PEC-FS pallet scales come with a PEC-IN202 indicator with serial output, a 15-inch load cell cable, and an ABS NEMA 4X junction box with an excitation trim board. Thanks to the diamond deck tread plat, the anti-slip adjustable swivel feet, and the beam cells, this pallet scale is very durable. Also, the pallet scale manufacturers pack a one-year warranty.

  • Pros
  • Steel channel frame.
  • Four adjustable swivel feet.
  • Top load design.
  • Threaded eyebolt design to easily lift.
  • Easy to install, use and maintain.
  • Rugged diamond deck plate.
  • Cons
  • The printer bundle is sold separately.
  • Not battery operated.

4. Saga Truck Pallet Scale

saga Pallet Jack Scale with Digital Scale & Pallet Truck Scale (6600lb x 1lb)
  • LB/KG convertible
  • Capacity/Accuracy: 6600lbs. x 1 lb
  • Fork height: 3 1/3"lowered, 7 1/2" raised....
  • Rechargeable battery included - Operates up
  • Power:110+/-11V 60 HZ or Built-in...

The Saga pallet truck is one of the industry pallet scales that double up as a pallet jack and therefore allows you to move heavy products instantly after you have weighed them. The versatility alone makes it an advantage to your warehouse even when you don't need the measurements often. The pallet truck scale can be used on docks to estimate the incoming and outgoing shipments to avoid the overloading of standard pallets.

The Saga Truck pallet truck scales feature an LCD with clear characters that offer the tare, zero, and Lb/Kg keypads. The Saga pallets are suitable for customers looking for a pallet with a weight scale because it's an attractive deal for the price. However, when the pallet truck display is mounted, you might not successfully attach the data cable, but you can solve this by removing two thumbscrews on the side and plugging in the data cable.

  • Pros
  • The pallet truck uses a rechargeable battery.
  • Powerful enough to be used on docks.
  • 6600-pound capacity.
  • Accurate pallet truck scale.
  • Sturdy jack when in use.
  • Great battery life.
  • Cons
  • The collapsible wheels might make you struggle to get it into a pallet.
  • The manual does not explain how to turn it on.

5. STG IN505 Pallet Floor Scale

Heavy Duty 5,000 lb Floor Scale | 40x40 with Indicator
  • Industrial heavy-duty design
  • 4 alloy steel shear beam load cells
  • Package configured & calibrated 10000...
  • One year warranty
  • Shipping in Continental US only

STG IN505 has a shouting color yellow paint job that attracts a lot of attention to itself, and you are guaranteed you won't misplace it. The heavy-duty floor scale is a top-load design made of four alloy steel shear beam load cells in a structural steel channel frame. The pallet scales come with a four adjustable swivel that allows you to transfer it all over the ground with a lot of ease.

The STG IN505 pallets are suitable for a small business and come with a 3/4 inch bright LED display with a built-in rechargeable battery and an AC plug-in as the power source.

  • Pros
  • Equipped with a 20-foot cable.
  • It packs a one-year guarantee.
  • Rugged diamond deck plate.
  • Features an eyebolt hole for lifting.
  • Four adjustable swivel steel feet.
  • Cons
  • Some customers complained of the pallet lacking proper feet.

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Pallet Weighing Scale

1. Durability

Generally, industrial pallet scales are built to last and are damage resistant with heavy-duty load cells and mild steel forks found in many designs meant to give your years of weighing service with no issues. These scales usually accommodate up to 2000 kgs, and therefore you should ensure you opt for one that will give you value for your money. As much as it's important to calibrate your pallet weighing scales annually, your unit should be made of high-quality materials and be able to last you for a couple of years with no problems if you choose a durable floor scale.

2. Accuracy

Before buying your choice of pallet scales, it's important to keep in mind that not all floor scales are trade approved and be on the lookout to avoid future issues. An accurate scale is mostly important if you intend to sell goods based on their weight. Platform scales are a safe alternative if you want to get the utmost accuracy. Most pallet truck scales have an accuracy within 1 kg, making them quite reliable and reassuring to any interested customers.

Before making your purchase decision, ensure you do your research and find the best model to meet your capacity needs and accuracy requirements; then, you can consider other floor scale features. Also, opt for an NTEP approved floor scale that follows a country's measures and weight requirements for commercial applications.

3. Digital Readout

The type of digital readout you need should determine the type of pallet weighing scale you choose, and basically, the readout is usually made of plastic. The readout will show you the weight display and has five buttons: net/gross, tare, print, zero, and units, with the majority including an RS232 output. The best digital readouts usually are housed in a stainless steel enclosure that includes a full keypad suitable for typing in tare weights, weight display, and features both the AC and battery power.

4. Ease of Operation

Pallet scales are meant to reduce the team of people that would have otherwise handled stock checks, and this is because they are meant to ease the work. Some features that help ease the operations include a wide handle and a zero pivot rotation capability that allows your floor scale to maneuver efficiently even in tight spaces. At the same time, a backlit LCD provides consistent readings. You don't need a special license or extensive training to operate pallet scales effectively, meaning anyone working in a warehouse or factory can quickly and safely perfect the art.

It is not simple to capture data using some entry models, but with technology, the software has been developed that sits on a computer. It can capture any data string sent to it and then format it into a spreadsheet to be used anywhere in the world. Ensure you opt for a pallet scale that will offer you the utmost ease while maintaining a high accuracy with minimal chance for error.

5. Scale Shipping Weight

Most industry pallet scales with 4 x 4 dimensions have a minimum shipping weight of 275 lb. Anything less than that would run the risk of platform flexing, especially when edge loading with concentrated load cells or when off-center. Ensure you check this factor before purchasing no matter the price to avoid future surprises.

6. Load Cell Cable Channel

Most quality floor scales run the load cell cable through the channels found underneath the scale, and this helps protect the cable from any damage. However, the low-quality systems usually run the exposed cable under the scale using hooks or double-sided tape. This could potentially cause damage by allowing the cable to drag under the scale and, as a result, get cut or ripped off. Therefore, ensure you consider this because the more braced and structured the scale's underside is, the higher the pallet scale's quality is, and usually, you can see an increase in shipping weight.

7. Load Cell Summing Boards

Standard pallet systems usually sum up all the four load cells under your scale to the board in the junction box. The box comprises a summing board that allows you to adjust each load cell to ensure high accuracy on each scale corner during calibration. However, the lower quality pallet weighing scales usually run all the load cells to a board with no adjustment screws to lower costs. Ensure you keep this factor in mind while shopping for your ideal pallet scale.

8. Efficient

No matter which type of pallet scale you choose, it should offer you the most efficiency. A pallet truck scale is usually suitable for mobility because it can save a lot of time by weighing and moving pallets in a single sequence because of the wheels. However, this is not possible when using a static platform scale; however, they are very accurate, and they lengthen the time it will take to oversee stock checks and weighing pallets.

Also, you can come up with a perfect hybrid by combining a heavy-duty weighing scale and a forklift action, and a great battery life of up to 70 hours will guarantee you get efficiency.

9. Warranty

Lower-end pallet scale systems have warranties that are one year or 90 days, while high-quality scale will have a longer warranty period of up to 5 years, and this guarantees you confidence and quality. Opt for industrial pallet scales in your budget but pack an attractive warranty to ensure you get the best out of your scales.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a pallet jack scale weigh?

The weight and lifting capacity varies in manual or electric models. Still, an average pallet jack weighs about 185 pounds (84 kg), with the average pallet will lift about 5,000 pounds (2,268 kg). However, apart from the average pallet jack, some pallet jack models have a lifting capacity and weight of up to 15,000 pounds (6,803 kg). Ensure all pallet jack safety protocols are being followed when you are operating.

2. Where should industrial pallet scales be placed?

The industrial pallet scales should be placed on a level surface and ensure there is nothing on top of the scale and that zero is showing on display, but if it doesn't show automatically, you will need to zero the scale. Placing the pallet scales on a level surface helps stabilize heavy products placed on the pallet weighing area.


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