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7 BEST Baby Scale Reviews!

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Throughout your pregnancy, you’ll be regularly attending pregnancy check-ups in order to see how the baby is growing and if all is as it should be. 

These appointments don’t stop when the baby comes out crying into the world, these regular checkups will continue for some time after your baby is born, as the doctor needs to make sure the baby is healthy.

Today we’ll be taking a look at TOP 7 Best Baby Scales that will help you keep track of the development of your newborn. 

Finding a good baby-scale to use at home will allow you to monitor your child's growth between appointments.

1. AFENDO Electronic Digital Infant, Toddler and Baby Scale

AFENDO Electronic Digital Smoothing Infant, Baby and Toddler Scale -White
  • The surface of infant scale is streamlined...
  • Hold function gives you accurate readings...
  • With a 2.79 x 1.1 inch large LCD readout...
  • The weight is displayed in steps of 5 g from...
  • On delivery the scale is set at “kg”...

The AFENDO digital baby scale is a flat scale that is placed directly on the table or changing table when you use it. There are four small rubber studs on the bottom to keep the scale from slipping when you weigh your newborn.

The weighing surface is slightly curved for more comfort. The maximum weight capacity of this scale is 20 kilograms (44 pounds) - which makes it suitable for babies from 0-2 years. 

The scale weighs with an accuracy of one-tenth of an ounce and the weight can be measured in pounds, ounces, and kilograms.

best baby scale

The scale has a large and bright LCD screen at the front where the weight is displayed. There are two buttons on each side of the screen for additional functions.

The first button is the TARE function which allows you to add a blanket and other items to make your baby comfortable without adding to the actual total weight.

The second button is a HOLD function. This will display the weight, even if your baby is moving around.

2. Taylor Salter Digital Baby and Toddler Scale

Salter Baby, Toddler, Pet Scale, Perfect Readings for Before and After Feedings,...
  • A Simple Choice: Easy setup and...
  • Highly Accurate: What good is a scale if not...
  • Multi-function & read easily: Touch button...
  • Design: Easy to clean , white, removable...
  • Inside Gift Box: Includes a 9V battery,...

Taylor Salter Digital Baby and Toddler Scale is one of the more affordable options, but at the same time, it provides all the important features.

The scale features a curved top surface for your child that is paired with a screen and super smooth edges.

The scale can easily measure up to 40lbs, which is more than enough for human babies and toddlers… 🙂

The baby scale can be converted to easily weigh infants by removing the top tray.

The lower plate is shaped in the form of an adorable bear with big eyes that can help put your child at ease during the weighing process.

The Taylor Salter Digital Baby Scale has four buttons on the stand. These buttons are in the actual LCD display, which also shows the weight with an accuracy up to half an ounce.

scales for babies

There are many buttons on the actual digital baby scale, here’s what they do.

The first button on the stand is the on and off button, the second button is the convert button, which can help you switch between pounds and kilograms.

The third button is a lock button that will freeze the weight displayed, this is really helpful when the little monsters are jumping all over the place.

The last button is a zero button which can be used to subtract the weight of clothes and blankets for your child when weighed.

3. HOMEIMAGE- Digital Baby Scale

HOMEIMAGE- Digital Baby/Pet Scale with Hold Function - up to 44 Lb. -HI-EB522
  • Weights up to 44 Lbs. by .5 ounce increments....
  • Hold Function to give you accurate reading...
  • Extra large LCD read out
  • Light and durable
  • Auto off with overload protective system.

The HOMEIMAGE Digital Baby Scale is a flat scale with an excellent price point and value. Instead of sitting on a separate weighing device, the HOMEIMAGE scale sits directly on the table or area of your choice.

This scale has a nice flat surface, which makes it great for storing. The sides of the baby scale are bent upwards to make it a little more comfortable and safe for your child.

The scale has the capacity to weigh up to 44 pounds, so it is very useful to check the weight of your newborn or toddler. It can quickly weigh your child in kilograms or pounds, so you can choose the unit you want.

baby weight scale

The scale comes with a high precision system powered by a gauge sensor that allows for great accuracy.

The scale also features a built-in speaker with relaxing music, that helps keep your child calm and makes the process a lot easier.

HOMEIMAGE also provides you with a free tape measure and check the height of your baby, hygiene tissues, auto power-off, and Tare functions and more!

4. Beurer Baby Scale with Comfortable Curved Platform

Beurer BY80 Baby Scale, Pet Scale, Digital, For: Infant, Newborns, Puppy, Cats,...
  • HIGH ACCURACY MEASUREMENT: It utilizes high...
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: It can be used as an infant...
  • HOLD FUNCTION: With an automatic or manual...
  • TARE FUNCTION: Equipped with a tare function...
  • WEIGHING PLATFORM: The Small Animal Scale &...

Beurer Baby Scale with Comfortable Curved Platform is another baby scaled, designed with the portability factor in mind. The scale is very light, thin and very easy to store anywhere you can think of.

As the HOMEIMAGE scale, this scale also features a flat platform design with just a slight bend for comfort and an integrated screen in the shelf area. It lies flat on a table or changing table area you can choose from.

baby weight scales

The scale has a maximum weight capacity of 44 pounds. It is able to weigh in pounds, ounces or kilograms. It's accurate to .18 ounces or 5 grams, which is really impressive.

The scale has all the regular scale features, accessed by the buttons next to the LCD screen.

The features include the HOLD and TARE function and an auto power-off function to save power.

5. Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale
  • Second generation Smart Changing Pad....
  • Track your baby’s weight gain between...
  • Measure how much your baby is drinking at...
  • Soft, comfortable, and easy to clean
  • Add caregivers and stay connected

Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale is a convenient way to keep track of the growth of your child during something you’re doing on a regular basis - changing the diapers!

The scale is first and foremost a changing mat, but it has a very interesting and a smart secondary feature in the form of a scale. This means you’ll be able to scale your baby while changing, isn’t that incredible?

The changing mat has a sleek and elegant design, there is a soft foam bed for your child to lie on, and the fact that each of the sides is bent makes the changing mat that much more comfortable.

There’s also a waist strap to gently secure the bab,y if needed.

The bed surface is easy to clean and should be done regularly in order to keep it hygienic. The bottom of the bed area has rubber feet to prevent the changing mat from sliding and slipping while changing or weighing the baby.

newborn scale

What we at liked most is the wireless connectivity to your smartphone - this is where you’ll be able to read and see all the data.

Hatch Baby developed a smartphone app that connects with the scale and in that app, you’ll be able to monitor the growth of your child - it’s also worth mentioning that the weight accuracy is to the nearest quarter of an ounce, which is really impressive.

The data is then stored on the personal growth profile of your baby on the Hatch Baby app.

6. Health-o-meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby Scale

Health o Meter Grow with Me 2 in 1 Baby to Toddler Scale with Growth Chart Book
  • Health o meter's baby scale precisely...
  • The infant tray comes equipped with a...
  • The scale’s large LCD digital display makes...
  • Includes a healthy growth baby book for...

Health-o-meter Grow With Me 2-in-1 baby to toddler scale is designed very similarly to the Taylor Salter scale, which explains why both scales are super popular, as they feature a similar design.

However, the major differences between the two are in the functionality and the accessories included in the box with the Health-o-meter coming on top.

The actual design of the Health-o-meter looks super similar to the Taylor Salter Scale, it features a plastic design with a curved top tray.

The top tray can be removed, by doing that you can expose the lower part great for scaling children in infancy - this part has the same cute bear plus design.

One big difference and advantage with the Health-o-meter is the weighing capacity, this one can weigh children up to 66 pounds, making it one of the best on the market.

The Grow with me scale by Health-o-meter also features a bright LCD display, which displays the weight up to half an ounce of accuracy, and next to the LCD there are four buttons.

baby scale review

The buttons are the HOLD button, which helps you freeze the weight of your baby for easier reading, a RESET button, which substracts the weight of blankets.

There’s also the feature to convert between pounds and kilograms as we saw on the other baby scales.

What distinguishes this scale from the rest is how effortlessly it can transform from one kind of scale in another.

The scale also comes with a growth chartbook. This will help you be able to record the weight of your child and make sure everything goes as it should.

7. Tanita 1584 Digital Baby Scale

Tanita 1584 Baby Scale
  • 44 lb (20 kg) max capacity with 1 oz ( 20 g)...
  • Easy to read LCD display and removable tray...
  • Tare feature to subtract the weight on any...
  • Lightweight and portable, with lock-in weight...
  • Includes 3-year warranty and batteries

The Tanita 1584 Digital baby Scale has got the be one of the best prices and value-packed scales on the market today. It's one of the most popular Tanita's digital pediatric scales and used all over the world with doctors and pediatricians.

The Tanita 1584 can weigh up to 44 pounds with an accuracy of 20-grams, no matter if the scale will be used in a doctor's office or at home, it's a great gadget to have.

digital baby scale

Of course, like with the other scale, the Tanita 1584 digital baby scale also features the weight lock-in to ensure you get an accurate reading, it also features the TARE and auto power-off function.

Out of all the Tanita digital scales we've tested at ScalesZen, this one has to be one of our favorites. It's also worth mentioning that it has a removable tray, which makes it really easy to clean. Making it a perfect choice for any home or doctor's office.



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